Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Glory be to God he is revealing his plan for Diane

My friend Diane is making a little of progress. Below is a the latest entry in her journal.

"Thank you Lord for answered prayers!!!!!​ As Debbie's daughter so correctly texted this morning, God will never leave us nor forsake us. Amen to that. What could have been a huge set back earlier this morning has turned out to be a blessing. Diane's brain catheter was dislodged when they took her to get a CT scan. She lost consiousnes​s. However, the nurse and Michelle were able to wake her and keep her awake until the doctor arrived. The doctor opte​d to put a new catheter in her spine. This was done in her room under localized anesthetic.​

She is now awake, talking and I am told making some sense. She hasn't spoken audibly since Friday so this is great progress. And making sense..... This is a miracle. The doctor also said that by moving the cath to her spine her head would have time to heal some before they need to do another surgery for the shunt. She still isn't stable enough for that surgery and they would have had to make a decision in the next few days any ways to move the one that became dislodged due to infection concerns. Please contiue to pray for the infection that is present to resolve. She is spiking temperature​s but responds well to Tylenol. So, while we had a little scare this morning, w​e are confident she is in God's hands and He is taking good care of her : )

Speech pathology was present in one of her more awake times and worked with her on swallowing.​ She was able to take in more ice chips and then gradua​ted to......CHO​COLATE ice cream. She enjoyed the first meal back.

Also, during the doctors evaluation, he asked her to look at her left hand. She did this. He asked her to raise two fingers. And she did this. She is processing command/mot​or association.​ This is major.

Thank you for your prayers. What has been going through my head very strongly over the past 24 hours is that God listens and answers the prayers of the righteous. I know that there are many, "


Rachel said...

Praise God for healing...and continued prayers for continued healing.


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
So glad to hear the good news about your friend Diane. The Lord is really moving, will keep praying,
what an exciting testimony she is gonna have.
Blessings, Nellie

grammy said...

Great news
pray the healing will continue

Sister Susie said...

I have been praying every day. Our Heavenly Father has told us in His Word to ask for our needs. I think He blesses even more when we ask in His Name for the needs of others.

Pray for my friend Regina. She is in great sorry at the loss of her 37 year old friend who had been struggling the last 2 weeks with an aggressive infection which caused a stroke, then a blood clot. She passed away this morning.

I know our LORD has everything in control. I can't begin to understand the why in these cases, but only that He knows what He is doing and one day we will understand it all.

My prayers are for the LORD to bless all of us with the joy of His Blessings on Diane.

In His Love,