Saturday, May 15, 2010

The car that starts by itself...

This car (Marvins new car)

has been causing us a bit of a problem lately. Last Saturday when Holly and I were in the living room and Marvin was in the back his car started by itself. (he has a remote start) anyway no one started it because his keys were in the kitchen and my keys were in my purse. So we called our son Jeremy since he installed the car alarm and the remote start and he thought we were pulling a prank. Last Sunday afternoon Jeremy was in town showing me his new truck when the car started by itself again. Marvin runs out the house freaking out because he knew for sure no one started it. Jeremy thought it must have been in timer mode so he switched it off. Then yesterday Marvin was doing something in the house when he heard the car start again. At this point we have no idea what to think or do. Today we head to the coast but before we leave we have to get gas. In Oregon it is a law that you cannot pump your own gas. Since we were paying cash Marvin went inside to wait until we were full so he could pay and I sat in the car. Have you guessed yet what happened? Yep, the car started itself while it was being filled with gas. I panicked and tried to get it to shut off but it does not work. I get out of the car and yell for the guy that was working there to shut off the pump and he looked at me like I was some lunatic. I ran inside the store to get Marvin. Marvin thought he could shut it off with his remote. I went back to get into the car and saw it was still running with the gas still being pumped and ran back in the store and told Marvin to get out to his car and turn it off. I almost had a panic attack. He got it shut off and we went back home so Jeremy could have Marvin disarm the remote start.

(Story to be continued)

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Nellie's Cozy place said...

Oh My Heavens,
now I have to say I have never heard of that problem before but it could be quite dangerous I would think.
Hope you find the solution to the problem quick!!
Also thanks for your sweet comments and your prayers for us during this crazy time in our lives. They are very much appreciated hon,
blessings, Nellie
Will pray you find a way to curb your run a way car too!! lol