Sunday, May 30, 2010

Today-Sunday and an update on Diane

Today for us was a day of worship, rest, and visit to the hospital.

I was up early this morning and got back on the treadmill after taking a few days off. It made me feel so good and gave me some much needed energy. Then it was off to worship to hear the last sermon of the series "respectable sins-letting go of envy". The sermon was good and I was was able to take some points where I can work on this issue.

We came home and ate and I went to bed for a 2 hour nap. I can't believe I slept that long but it is cloudy and I guess I needed a refresher.

Late afternoon we headed to the hospital to see Diane. We did get to peek in on her. She was sound asleep in a good slumber with a snore. Her sister was sitting in the room with her. We found Rod (her husband) and Brianna (her daughter) in the community room putting together a puzzle. We sat and visited and found out Diane made another small step today by having her feeding tube removed. This was one of many steps that she needed to overcome as her body has time to heal. She has a very long road ahead of her. Please continue prayers for her healing. I will update more as I know it.

Today in Church we song the song "Jesus Lead on" I love this song and think the words are just want I needed to hear. "Jesus lead on, I will follow"

Jesus Lead On
(Brent Helming)

This is my cry
This is my song
You are my guiding light
When the way is unknown
And when these sunny skies
Turn shades of gray
I’ll stay close by Your side
As You lead the way

Jesus lead on, I will follow
Jesus lead on
Let Your love light the way
Jesus lead on, I will follow
Jesus lead on

Hear now this cry
Hear now this song
You are the guiding light
For this journey I’m on
And when my vision is clouded
By the wind and the rain
I’ll stay close by Your side
As You lead the way

Jesus lead on, I will follow
Jesus lead on
Let Your love light the way
Jesus lead on, I will follow
Jesus lead on

Lead me on, lead me on
Lead me on, I will follow

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Update on my friend Diane

My friend Diane is taking slowing baby steps to recovery. Below are a few of her journals that her sister wrote. The family had been intentional in their updates to protect Diane and her dignity

Diane has had a major injury to her brain, a hemorrhagic stroke. Her neurologic, sensory, perception, motor and cognitive functions are not intact. She remains in the ICU. Without a blow your socks off miracle (we are more than open to this:)), Diane and our family are in for an arduous and lengthy restoration.

Since that journal we have received word that she is out of ICU. Latest update is below

Dr. Hauck reviewed today's CT scan of Diane's brain. There are no changes (this is a good thing) in the size of her ventricles and it appears that they are draining as he would expect and appreciate.​

Because she is holding her own, there will not be any surgery today to place a ventricular shunt. The plan is to continue weaning her from the spinal catheter and see if it can not be pulled early next week. If this goes well, the shunt surgery may not be neccessary. We will pray that she continues to tolerate this process.

Spe​cific prayers are desired regarding her left sided sight and motor/senso​ry functions. We are asking for steady progress and complete restoration.

Tomorrow we are planning to head back to the hospital so I will update more than. Thanks for the prayers.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Colonoscopy results

I am glad it over. The prep was the worst. I am still abit woozy. They found 2 tiny polyps that they will send in for testing. I am not worried. I already ate a sandwich and it is time for a nap.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Prep day

Today is my prep day for my Colonoscopy tomorrow. After talking to my friend Cindy who just had hers earlier this week my only fear is the IV because they can never find a vein. When I had my appendix out they had to get the anesthesiologist to put it in. This has always been an issue for me since I have small veins that roll. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Glory be to God he is revealing his plan for Diane

My friend Diane is making a little of progress. Below is a the latest entry in her journal.

"Thank you Lord for answered prayers!!!!!​ As Debbie's daughter so correctly texted this morning, God will never leave us nor forsake us. Amen to that. What could have been a huge set back earlier this morning has turned out to be a blessing. Diane's brain catheter was dislodged when they took her to get a CT scan. She lost consiousnes​s. However, the nurse and Michelle were able to wake her and keep her awake until the doctor arrived. The doctor opte​d to put a new catheter in her spine. This was done in her room under localized anesthetic.​

She is now awake, talking and I am told making some sense. She hasn't spoken audibly since Friday so this is great progress. And making sense..... This is a miracle. The doctor also said that by moving the cath to her spine her head would have time to heal some before they need to do another surgery for the shunt. She still isn't stable enough for that surgery and they would have had to make a decision in the next few days any ways to move the one that became dislodged due to infection concerns. Please contiue to pray for the infection that is present to resolve. She is spiking temperature​s but responds well to Tylenol. So, while we had a little scare this morning, w​e are confident she is in God's hands and He is taking good care of her : )

Speech pathology was present in one of her more awake times and worked with her on swallowing.​ She was able to take in more ice chips and then gradua​ted to......CHO​COLATE ice cream. She enjoyed the first meal back.

Also, during the doctors evaluation, he asked her to look at her left hand. She did this. He asked her to raise two fingers. And she did this. She is processing command/mot​or association.​ This is major.

Thank you for your prayers. What has been going through my head very strongly over the past 24 hours is that God listens and answers the prayers of the righteous. I know that there are many, "

Monday, May 24, 2010

I believe in the Power of prayer and family

Yesterday afternoon Marvin and I went to the ICU waiting room to sit with the family of our friend Diane. Her family has set up camp. There were pillows, blankets, suitcases, food that partially eaten, magazines, and snacks. When we arrived one of Diane's sister was napping. You could feel the love in the room. got an update on our friend and sat and visited. Some of Dianes family is here from Florida and Washington.

Diane is in the fight of her life. My comfort is that she knows Jesus and I know that God is in control. It is time to sit and wait to see him reveal his plan.

Diane is only 45 (I misquoted her age earlier) she is a mother and a wife. Diane has a servants heart. She is a friend to anyone and has a special interest in the homeless.

Diane's husband Rod has given his blessing for us and anyone to spread the word so she can have prayer warriors lifting her name up. She is on prayer chains all over the world.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Still need prayers for Diane

Prayer warriors, I am still asking prayers for my friend Diane that has been diagnosed with MoyaMoya Disease and is still in ICU. Please visit her web page below for updates. Thanks

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Wednesday

I work in a park like setting close to the river so we see ducks, Canadian geese and raccoons. Yesterday I was able to run down and snap some pictures of the beautiful Canadian geese with their babies (is it goslings?) From my office window I can see them sometimes. When I snapped this picture one of the adults didn't like me to be so close so she hissed. I took off of course. This reminded me of when Marvin and I were dating and I lived on the farm. When he tried to get to the house the geese would chase and hiss at him. I would have to rescue him so he could get in the door. LOL....Enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Prayer Warriors needed

Prayer warriors, I need you all to pray for my friend Diane, She has had a brain hemorrhage and a stroke. She is only 44 years old.

Monday, May 17, 2010

How is your spiritual walk?

Can you spare a few minutes? If so go here and then click on sermons. Click on anyone that Pastor Barry Lind is the preacher. You see this is where we go to worship. I credit Pastor Barry's sermons for my personal spiritual growth in the last few years. I think when you listen to one sermon you will go back to to hear more.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Part 3- Saturday-the lighthouse

So make sure you read part one and part two before continuing.

Half way up 1/4 of a mile of the steep trail there was a gift shop with cold drinks. (thank goodness) we stopped in got some water bought a few things and moved on. What a breathtaking wonder we saw.

We arrived at the old lighthouse (built in 1775). We rest a bit and marvel at the beautiful sight.

until Marvin had a phone call from a friend about the upcoming horse race

any way we go get in line for the tour of the lighthouse. When I found out it was only 58 steps I said lets go for it (the new more fit Janet said that)

catching my breath at the top

breathtaking pictures from the windows of the lighthouse

we did not have time to walk on the beach but we had our a few moments to enjoy this beautiful creation.
Our problems earlier that morning were all forgotten as they were replaced by a beautiful day that we spent together at the Oregon Coast.

Part 2 from Saturday-To the Coast

In part one I talked about how Marvin's cars delayed our day to head to the coast. Well lets rewind a bit we leave at 9 and then come back home because we forgot a few things, then we have to go to the ATM, then to get gas (and just about blow up) onward we head towards the coast but I am cold so we have to stop and get me a coffee, back on the road until we hit the casino (yes I had 20.00 worth of free money) we stay 15 minutes and I walk out with 5.00 more than I had when I walked in so I won a few bucks. Then we head to the Old Towne for lunch and drive around to find the restaurant we want to eat at (I even called my daughter in law Sara) finally we found it and only to find it is is closed. We park and shop a little and settle for a Seafood house. Marvin has shrimp and I have salmon. It was yummy....Out the door for more shopping and then we see this (totally ignoring the warning sign on the door) "Warning weight gain is possible by entering this shop"

and I see this......SALT WATER TAFFY

Marvin got some hot Carmel corn and me some candy.....We walk a bit and then head to see the beach.
Up the beautiful Oregon coast we drive and in the distance we see it the Pacific ocean (what a glorious site, I still the get feeling of joy after all these years)

We had never been to the lighthouse so we head to the parking lot, pay the state park fee and head to the trail

Look at the beautiful ocean

On the steep trail (yes I got out of breath) we saw these beautiful flowers

(to be to be continued)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The car that starts by itself...

This car (Marvins new car)

has been causing us a bit of a problem lately. Last Saturday when Holly and I were in the living room and Marvin was in the back his car started by itself. (he has a remote start) anyway no one started it because his keys were in the kitchen and my keys were in my purse. So we called our son Jeremy since he installed the car alarm and the remote start and he thought we were pulling a prank. Last Sunday afternoon Jeremy was in town showing me his new truck when the car started by itself again. Marvin runs out the house freaking out because he knew for sure no one started it. Jeremy thought it must have been in timer mode so he switched it off. Then yesterday Marvin was doing something in the house when he heard the car start again. At this point we have no idea what to think or do. Today we head to the coast but before we leave we have to get gas. In Oregon it is a law that you cannot pump your own gas. Since we were paying cash Marvin went inside to wait until we were full so he could pay and I sat in the car. Have you guessed yet what happened? Yep, the car started itself while it was being filled with gas. I panicked and tried to get it to shut off but it does not work. I get out of the car and yell for the guy that was working there to shut off the pump and he looked at me like I was some lunatic. I ran inside the store to get Marvin. Marvin thought he could shut it off with his remote. I went back to get into the car and saw it was still running with the gas still being pumped and ran back in the store and told Marvin to get out to his car and turn it off. I almost had a panic attack. He got it shut off and we went back home so Jeremy could have Marvin disarm the remote start.

(Story to be continued)

6 years ago today two families were joined

May 15th 2004 we were blessed when our son Jeremy and our family

joined Sara and the Reynolds family

to share in the love of our children Jeremy and Sara

The wedding took place on a nice spring day and Pastor Zane Wilson was there to join their union.

Today they are a family of four with Kayla and Morgan. Happy Anniversary Jeremy and Sara. We love you

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Time is flying

Time is just flying by and I haven't had much time to BLOG. But what I have had time to do is EXERCISE....You heard it right every week day morning for 30 minutes on the treadmill at 5:30 a.m. I have so much energy at work and I can feel the differnce.

Have a Blessed day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

Mothers day was also a great day. I got up and this was waiting for me.

That is right Max and Baby kitty had a card and some scratch offs waiting for their mommy.
So Kayla helped me scratch them off

(we won about 8 dollars)
Holly arrived and this is what we did

We listened to Kayla read and Holly played some games with the girls.
I made some Ham poppy seed sandwiches for lunch while Jeremy and Marvin did this

My gift from Jeremy was fixing the roof. This was just in time too since we just had a thunderstorm and the heavy rain.
We laughed so hard when Kayla wanted Holly to read the "12 days of Christmas Book" and Holly assigned us all a part of the song. It was so funny to do this on Mothers Day but it made my day. I think we will do this when Jennifer and her family are back next month.
I just got off the phone with my mom back in Nebraska and we chatted for a while. (she also had a very nice day)
The family all has gone home and I got a much needed nap. I am a very blessed mother and grandmother. What a great weekend!

Yesterday Saturday

This has been a great weekend! Yesterday it started with Holly. She made me this great little scrapbook. (notice it also spells MOM)

Holly also got her Lia Sophia Jewelry order and gave me a beautiful slide.
Marvin, Holly and I headed to the Saturday market yesterday. We had so much fun walking around, people watching and EATING.....I had a great organic tempeh sandwich it was so yummy. Anyway we also picked up some rhubarb so I could bake a rhubarb crisp.
We came home for a rest and got the mail and I received this nice card and gift card from my daughter Jennifer and her family

A bed bath and beyond card (I can't wait to use it) Jennifer called and we had a nice visit. I got to talk to Logan for a few minutes too.
My son in law Ricky was grilling some steaks for us at his moms so we headed out there and had a great meal. We played some cards until the phone rang that Jeremy, Sara and the girls decided they were going to visit (unplanned) and had forgot their house keys. So we head back home and then Jeremy and Sara head out to a late movie and while I went and layed down with the girls to get them to sleep. What a great way to end my day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thank you God for my mom

When I think of my mom I can't help but smile (and yes we do look alike). She has been through so much and if you don't know her you would never know it. She has great strength and faith. Married young and having 3 young daughters she soon was a widow. But God had a plan. He sent us girls a new dad. She married again and had a son who went to be with Jesus soon after his birth. Soon after that she faced a daughter that was seriously ill (that would be me.) I had a lot of anxiety even back then. My mom was there every minute to help nurse me back to good health. She went on to give us two more brothers. Soon we were a family of seven. Mom was very involved with us girls in Girls Scouts and was in the PTA. She also has a servants heart. I can't tell you how many meals she has fixed and around the Holidays she always has been the host. If someone did not have a place to go they were always invited to our house. She always made sure they had a leftovers sent home with them too. Sounds like a perfect mom huh? yes as close to perfect as you can get. She taught me so much. Although this is a small glimpse into her life I just thank God that he gave me this mom. I love you Mom!

Respectable sins

We have been listening to a series of sermons on Sundays titled "respectable sins" and I am sure you are saying what? no sin is respectable EXACTLY....These sermons are identifying what society thinks that because every one does something that it is okay to follow. I have heard "it is the American way" halt.... STOP...Who are we living our lives for society or God? I am living my life for GOD through his one and only son Jesus Christ. I need constant reminders on what is acceptable and I have been working on my own self reflections to identify my issues. I can say one of the strongest paths the Lord has sent me on in the last year is finding people that can encourage me. That is where you all come in to play. My friends I have met through blogging have been a strong influence on me learning the Christian walk. So thank you my friends. You are all very important to me.

Have a Blessed Saturday!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Too tired to think

It has been a long couple of days at work. We have brought in our Office Managers and our going through an intensive new training program for billing. This training is a lot of sitting. So I thought I would just post a picture of my beautiful rhododendrons. I do want to add one thing. I have been up early to jump on the treadmill before work for the last two days.

Have a great week!



Sunday, May 2, 2010

Feeling Calm-Test Results

For the past three weeks I have identified in my own self reflections of things that I need to work on. I am calling this Heart to Heart because it is from my heart to Jesus heart. I am realizing more and more that I have so many issues that I really to need recognize them and work on them. I am embarrassed by some but it helps me along the way writing it down. I also get comments on how other people struggle and deal with the same issues.
Week 1- letting yourself be loved
Week 2- worrying
Week 3- humility

Last week I had my mammogram and bone density test. Normally I am so worried with the what ifs. But I felt calm during and after the test. I had prayed and asked God to walk beside me and comfort me. I really was not even worried about the results because I knew that God would walk with me no matter the outcome. My Mammogram was normal but my Bone density test was abnormal. I have Osteopenia which is a condition where bone mineral density is lower than normal. It is considered by many doctors to be a precursor to osteoporosis. However, not every person diagnosed with Osteopenia will develop osteoporosis. I should have seen it coming because I am not a milk drinker, I do not eat much yogurt, or eat ice cream. I constantly stress my self out, do not exercise and eat a lot of salt. When I was researching the some of the causes it was everything that I listed above. It is not too late to turn this around. So what I am going to do about it? Exercise (walking and weight bearing exercises are good, quit worrying, and reduce my salt intake. My Doctor has me taking a Calcium & Vitamin D supplement. I am also going to lose this weight. I will keep you posted with my results.