Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tests Tests and more Tests

It is the time again for my Annual Physical. This year since I turned 50 I have that dreaded Colonoscopy added. So far I have had my annual physical which was all good. Today I fasted and had my blood drawn for blood tests since I am on Cholesterol meds. I have deep veins and this morning the Phlebotomist could not find a vein in my arm so she took 2 tubes of blood from the back of my hand. It really wasn't that bad except now I have a big bruise on my hand. Back to the appointments. The end of the month I have my annual Mammogram and this year I also have to have a Bone Densitometry test. Tomorrow I go in for my consult for the Colonoscopy and then I hope to get that scheduled in April too. I also have a dentist appointment the end of the month to finish my root canal. So I have a lot of pokes and prods happening. PHEW....It is a lot of work getting old. Oh one more thing they also gave me an "Advance Directive" (forms to direct your health care if you are unable to make decisions) I plan on living 30 or 40 more years so I hope I don't need that anytime soon but it is a good thing to have.


Sister Susie said...

I had that test some years ago. I think I have two more years until I have it again. I think the worst of it all is having to get ready the day before by drinking the fluid. I was put into a light sleep, then I remember them calling my name to wake me up. My first response was, "Is it done ALREADY?" It's over before you know it. I think they now have even better methods than eight years ago. The best thing I did was not worry about it. I'm sure you'll do fine!
Blessings to you and yours,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

I know I need to go to but I keep putting it off cause everytime I think about it, I know it isn't just one visit, it's 40 more!! lol
Not quite that bad. I'm not really overdue yet. I had a physical last year in april, just got to make myself call!! ugh!! I don't want to!! Please don't make me!! lol
Don't know why I am so bad about that in the last years, I never used to be, I think it is because they keep adding stuff to it.
I have to get one of those lovely
colon tests too, another reason I don't want to go!! lol
They can find more ways to poke and prod you, it is amazing!
Guess I am not helping encourage you very much, am I?? sorry about that, it will be fun I'm sure! lol
Have a good time at the Drs.
meanwhile I will think... think...
think about making an appt.! lol
Blessings sweet lady,