Friday, April 23, 2010

Some sweet things

This morning before I left for work I talked to my son whom had moved to the sofa because the there was not room in the big bed for the whole family. Anyhow I was getting ready to leave when my 6 year old granddaughter Kayla came out of the room. I asked her if I woke her up and she said "no the dogs collar was rattling and that woke me up" I asked her I should remove it and said "no I like to hear his coller rattle" anyway I reminded my son that his Dad and I would be in Church all morning Sunday since it was our week to serve, Kayla chimed in and said " well we have to leave on Sunday anyway because I only have a 3 day weekend and I have to be back in Kindergarten on Monday" That was so adorable and left a smile on my face.
Kayla just loves my tulips which I had only a few this year and I only still had a couple of them left. Kayla asked if this tulip was a marble tulip. What do you think?

I think it looks like a marble.
Now for 3 year Morgan. She has really been missing me. Her mom (Sara) told me last night that she was hugging herself whining that she wanted to hug her Nana. That is too sweet. By the time they got here the kids were already asleep. When I saw Morgan this afternoon she was so excited and when I said hi she perked up and ran to give me a hug. As we were looking at the tulips Sara said asked what happened to the yellow one. Kayla spilled the beans and told us Morgan picked all the petals off. When I asked Morgan if she did that she looked up at me and said yes in her dramatic little voice. At least she told me the truth.

I hope to get some pictures of the girls tomorrow so I can post them. Now that makes me HAPPY.....

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