Monday, April 12, 2010

The saga continues

Oh where to start. Sunday morning when Marvin stepped outside he noticed that his new car had been egged. There was also several misses that resulted on egg yolk staining our siding of our house. It looks like we were singled out. We filed a police report. Today Marvin went to a body shop and it looks like it is going to cost about 1000.00. Our deducible is only 100.00 luckily. So it will take 4 days to get it fixed.

On the brighter side of things we watched the movie Blind Side which is a very good movie. Sandra Bullock plays the mother that gives a home to a young man that is homeless. The scary thing about it is that her character reminded me of my personality. Very bossy and to the point.

Today on my lunch hour I went to Walmart. When I walked in the door the greeter gave me a wet cart. I asked for a different cart and started on my way. This cart was not a good one. The wheels were not wanting to turn and it was squeaky. So I was trying to use my patience and not get irritated. BUT I also had to go the restroom and did not want to go in the store so I was kind of hurrying. I made my way over to the dog treat aisle for some special treats for Max when lo and behold an older gentleman asked me if I knew where the cat food pouches were. He said he was not familiar with the store. So I took my squeaky cart and went down the aisles searching for the cat food pouches. We finally had one more aisle left but I could not get by the fish tanks with my cart, I told him to look around the corner and he found the cat food. He thanked me. It is funny that I always have people asking me for help. I really don't mind at all.


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
So sorry to hear about your new car and the egging incident. I swannee,
I just don't know what it is with people and why they think they need to do stuff like that! Ifonly all that wasted energy went into doing something good what a wonderful world it would be!!
We want to see the Blind side too,
that may be our next movie, did you enjoy it???
That was so nice you helped that gentleman, I am like you I am always happy to help but sometimes it always seems to be when you are in a hurry, but the Lord is not on a schedule is he?? One day we rescued and elderly lady in the parking lot of Target who had lost her car and it was raining, so we drove her around until we found it, she was so grateful, and turned out she was a believer, real sweet lady, so it blessed us
both I think!
You have a delightful evening, and our picnic dinner was great, my favorite was the potato salad, was my Mom's recipe and she used to make killer potato salad and fried chicken. We passed on the fried chicken and went with grilled but it was great, gonna make chicken salad out of the rest of it for tonight, cause Jim brought home this wonderful wholegrain bread last night, so should be yummy.
Blessings hon,

Sister Susie said...

As soon as I read your blog, I gasped aloud, "OH, NO!!" I tell you, I can't believe how horrible people are getting these days! I guess the LORD knew to send you someone to help and get your mind off the incident; maybe an angel in "disguise?" I'm lifting prayers for the protection of you and the belongings the LORD has blessed you with. Take care.
The LORD bless you and yours,