Friday, April 2, 2010

My project for Brenda

Here it is all finished. I made a card, a book mark (that Marvin needs to laminate) wrote a letter, printed some pictures of our family and made a little photo page of who is who, found some stickers and coloring book pages for Brenda. It is really hard to think of paper items to send her since they are very strict about things you can send. In a few weeks I plan to get some kids magazines and copy pages to send her. I want to try to write at least once a month. We are so blessed to have Brenda in our lives.

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Nellie's Cozy place said...

Happy Easter Janet,
Nice new picture you have there.
that is such a neat thing you are doing with Brenda. So nice you took the time to write her and tell her about your family and send her what you can.
I am sure it will mean so much to that precious lil one.
Hope you had a lovely Resurrection
Day! and that you have a wonderful week ahead.
Blessings, Nellie