Thursday, April 29, 2010

A letter from Brenda in Africa

Yesterday it was a pleasant surprise when I got home from work that there sat a letter from our sponsored child Brenda in Africa. Although the letter was not written by Brenda (she is 7) it gave us some more information about her. It does not sound like she is currently attending school but she is in Sunday school. The letter says that she is learning to behave so the Lord will bless her. How sweet is that? She also is requesting that we pray for her family.
It also had a place to shared her favorite things:
Color: Yellow
Best game: baby sitting
Best song: Build me a house Jesus (I searched for that song and could not locate it)
Best food: rice and potatoes
Best bible story : Birth of Jesus

So I am getting ready to send a letter by email while I work on more cards and things to send her.

Marvin and I feel like we have been so blessed!

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