Sunday, April 18, 2010

A great Saturday

We drove up to visit our daughter Holly and her husband Ricky in Vancouver yesterday. Holly had a jewelry party so it was a perfect time to go. Before the party started Marvin and Ricky slipped out to play Golf. It was cloudy with a few sprinkles but they enjoyed themselves. And Holly's party was great.
Once the guys got home and the party wrapped up we headed to Gustav's Happy hour. (a wonderful German restaurant) We went during Happy hour so we could get all the discounts. Holly was having a hard decision making up her mind what cocktail to get so I ordered the one she didn't (okay I have to admit I do not drink very often) Anyway who would have thought that the drinks would be so strong (mine was a Mojito) anyway I just sipped it (about three sips) and my ears turned bright red and they were hot. Normally I just get the wine flush but this time it just hit my ears. I gave my drink to Holly and settled for water. It actually took a couple of hours for them to return to normal. We had some SpƤtzle, fondue with bread and sausage, chicken schnitzel, potato pancakes, Shepard's pie, salad and yummy sauerkraut. Nothing that was really diet friendly. The portions were small so that was good.
After eating we were so full and when we got back to Holly's we grabbed the dogs

took a walk and saw some beautiful flowers. The weather had cleared up and was beautiful.

We got back and played a hand of 10 point pitch Women vs Men. The men pulled it out but it was close.
This morning we were up bright and early ate a light breakfast and headed home so we could get our weekend chores done.

The picture below though it is hard to see is a a lot of sheep. I Love sheep. There were some new baby lambs frolicking around.

What a great weekend it has been.....


Sister Susie said...

So did you buy any jewelry? One of the teachers at my school had a party I went to about 5 years ago. I bought a couple of rings. Yummy for the tummy. I went to Chili's and got my regular Cob Salad. I really like it. I get it so often, they know me now and say as I come in the door, "Will that be a Cob Salad?" LOL! What a wonderful "pack" of doggies. I have my three. Nellie has Rosie and Joey (her granddogs!) Life is good with good food and our pets, ha! Blessings to you and yours,

NanaNor's said...

Hi Janet, What wonderful photos-I miss the green of winter but we have it in August so the trade off is o.k.
The dogs are darling! Have a wonderful week!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Janet,
So glad to hear you had such a good time with your daughter. That German food sounds good, we used to live in Germany almost 40 yrs ago now, and ate lots of Viener Schnitzel, loved it!! It has been a long time now since we had any!!
Your pics were all very nice. I love lambs too, they are so adorable. Your doggie is so cute too. Glad the trip was uneventful
in any bad way, that is always good.
Have a great week ahead hon,
Blessings, Nellie