Sunday, April 25, 2010

Family filled weekend

Here are some pictures from the weekend with family

Kayla reading to Nana

Kayla and Morgan playing "riding the bus with their babies"


Making a tent

Kayla reading to Uncle Ricky while Morgan watches

We had a great weekend with our granddaughters Kayla, Morgan and their parents our son Jeremy and daughter in law Sara.
The girls are growing so much and just a delight to watch them interact (fight) with each other.
Yesterday Sara and I went to a jewelry party while the rest of the bunch headed to the fish hatchery. We had a yummy taco salad for dinner and then they insisted on going and get ice cream at Baskins Robins. I am not much of an ice cream person but they picked me up a clown. When they got home they set Morgans clown on the kids table and put my on the coffee table. Morgan was really eyeing mine and I said "that's mine" she immediately burst in to tears. She is very sensitive and I hurt her feelings. I felt so bad because she was crying but that did not stop me from eating my bubblegum clown. She calmed down after a few minutes (more like ten minutes) and enjoyed hers.
This morning Marvin and I had to serve at Church so we didn't get home until Noon. We were able to sit in back and watch the squirrels, blue birds and the SNAKES....I hate those little snakes. We always have a few that live under our deck. They really scare me. Morgan was trying to catch one.
Marvin and I had the sweetest note from Kayla waiting for us when we got home from Church.

This is what I love the

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Rachel said...

Love the pictures.

The last one, with the note, is priceless. A treasured note and photo.

Thank you for sharing!