Friday, April 9, 2010

Everybody's Fine

I rented a Redbox Movie this afternoon called "Every body's Fine" Since I got out of work a little early I decided by encouragement from my daughter Holly to watch this movie. It was a good movie and had some sad parts. It was about a family that had lost their mother and since she was the main communicator in the family it was hard for the grown kids to deal with their dad. They had excuse after excuse why they couldn't spend time with their dad. Of course in end their relationship was strengthened. The kids were finally honest with their dad.
During the movie there was a thunderstorm (on the movie) but Max our dog thought it was real and had a panic attack for about 30 minutes.
The weekend is almost here........I am glad for that. I have loads of laundry, some cleaning ans some other tasks I would like to get done. Holly and Ricky will be here but they will be in and out.

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