Sunday, April 11, 2010

30 Years ago today

April 11th, 1980 Marvin and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl whom we a named Jennifer Lynn. I never thought this day would come as God answered my prayers with a healthy little girl.

Needless to say we were so happy and full of joy. Jennifer would eat just enough and go to sleep. Of course that meant that we did not get very much sleep until my Mom recommended that we wake her and make her finish all of her bottle. That did help somewhat but we loved to hold her and so did her grandparents and all her Aunts and Uncles.

In the picture below Jennifer is watching her Dad play a handheld football game. In the beginning Marvin had his mind set on a little boy but after Jennifer arrived and he met her she had him wrapped around her fingers immediately. He fell in love with his baby girl.

Jennifer was a big sister 11 months later. She had started walking at 10 months and she loved her baby brother Jeremy and was a big helper.

and then 4 years later she was a bigger helper with her baby sister Holly

Jennifer was very independent and played well by herself. She liked to play "high school" all though she also had dolls and barbies. She was a good student and was involved in youth group at Church, she was also in sports in 8th grade and then she switched to Cheerleading. We are very proud of all her accomplishments.
This picture is one of her senior pictures

she was a Beautiful Bride

And today she is a mother of 2 children Emma and Logan.

We couldn't be more proud or feel more blessed that Jennifer is our daughter.

Happy Birthday Jennifer....We love you.....


Nellie's Cozy place said...

What a beautiful daughter you have Janet, she looks like a sweetie too!
she also has a lovely family!

May the Lord bless your year!

From Nellie in Florida

Sister Susie said...

When I look back on the joys of my life, I always ask, "Where has the time gone!" As a child, the day seem to go on forever. I soon found out through experience, that the older you get the faster time goes! It is so wonderful, the LORD gives us the joys of our families to last our lifetime. Just think when that extends into His Eternal Glory! Time will be forever with Him and our loved ones! Thank you for sharing your loving family.
Blessings to all,