Saturday, March 27, 2010

Busy weekend planned

Finally it is Saturday! We have plenty of things to keep us busy. I have started tax prep and now I need some additional information that I need to search for, Holly will be here later today and she is going to frost my hair, of course there is house cleaning and lots of laundry. Holly is also going to help me with some craft projects for Brenda (the child we sponsored in Africa) so Saturday is packed full. It is supposed to be nice here today mid 60's so we will try to get outside and take a walk. PHEW.....oops I forgot about the grocery shopping....don't know when we will squeeze that in. and I need to plan the Easter menu.
My tooth is aching so my root canal on Tuesday will not come to soon. Did I mention that is just one more expense?
I think I better get up and start.

Have a blessed weekend!

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