Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentines Day at Nana and Papas

Hold on a minute I need to catch my breathe....okay....
First thing the morning I made my Cinnamon Rolls from scratch for the family to enjoy. After I got them in the oven the girls opened their valentines and sat down to color.

Then their Mommy and Daddy then headed out to look at trucks. While they were gone we cut out some sugar cookies with heart cookie cutters. It had been a while since I have done this with a 3 and 6 year old. Kayla the 6 year old was a great help.

Morgan the three old was all about wanting to eat the cookie dough. She had me cracking up because she would cut out a cookie and then the little piece left she would stick in her mouth and say "I'm sorry" It was too cute but we had to watch her like a hawk.

We had a little break and then Jeremy and Sara came back with some heart shaped pizza's for lunch.
Next it was time to skype with the New York family. Emma our 5 year old grand daughter took our girl scout cookie order. She was showing us her green finger and green tongue. She had eaten a fun dip with the dip stick (Nana likes that candy too ) Then our son in law Matt came in the room and chatted with us and then 2 year old Logan joined the crowd. It was so adorable when he said "Hi Uncle Jeremy"
Our beautiful daughter Jennifer chatted for a while with us and then it was time for them to go.

After we got down skyping I mixed up some frosting and we decorated beautiful Valentine cookies with everyone helping. I am glad Sara and Jeremy were here to help.

After we got done with the cookies it time to mix up the potato salad. No watching the diet with this yummy family favorite.

While I was making the potato salad Marvin was melting some white chocolate and dipping strawberries. YUMMY they turned out good. This is also a favorite of mine.

Now we are taking a break before Marvin gets the grill out to grill the steaks. Oh wait while I am writing this my daughter in law yells to Marvin the toilet is leaking a lot in the new bathroom, Marvin just told me the toilet is cracked. Great Scott. What a day and it is only 3:40 here.

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Sister Susie said...

What a busy day you had!! I was busy with my 19 kindergartners on Friday, not as many activities, but some that took longer to do! It's really a joy to have well as when the end of the day comes...peace and quiet when they go home, lol!!!