Sunday, February 7, 2010

This Weekend

This weekend has been full of errand running, cleaning, organizing and for Marvin finishing (almost) touches on the bathroom.
Today we went to the middle service at Church to hear our Associate Pastor for the last time. When we joined this Church about 4 years ago I had a hard time getting the message through Pastor Paul's sermons. I not sure why but I can tell you that this has not been always been the case. Today's sermon was on this

I had posted this picture last Thursday. How ironic it was what Paul was going to preach about. It was like God saying to me "Janet do I have your attention now?" WOW did I ever get a lot out the message today. It was a simple one Walk by Faith and Trust in the Lord. Next week we will be telling Paul goodbye at a reception. This will be very hard because you see Paul was one of those guys that truly loves everyone. He knows his bible like the back of his hand. He adores Jesus. He is a great leader and we are truly going to miss him. We wish Paul well and wherever he may land and whomever he comes in contact with they too will know that he adores Jesus.

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Nellie's Cozy place said...

That is such a great scripture
and really the crux of the whole matter in our walk with the lord.
To trust in Him and to not lean on
our understanding cause it is so very limited. I got a real great pic of that from a man named Dr.
Bill Gillum, he said that we see
life like a parade going by, but God sees life from a helicopter perspective. Our view is limited
His view sees the beginning from the end! Wow, that really makes you think!! God knows what tomorrow is gonna bring we have no idea until tomorrow gets here and it happens. That is comforting, but only if we really grasp just how much God really loves us.......... and sometimes that takes going thru a lot of different circumstances and seeing how God's hand is one us and all the great things he does in those storms of life.
Great testimony about your Pastor.
It is so hard to lose our Pastors,
when they leave cause you get so
attached to them, neat thing is we will have all eternity to visit with them. God really sees to everything doesn't he??
Blessings, Nellie