Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some laughs today

Marvin and I have been do some funny things today and laughing so hard. They may just be funny to us but I thought I would share.
Earlier today we went to the grocery store to pick up a few items. We had just got done at the mall with our grand daughters and their parents at Build a Bear and had a quick bite for lunch in the mall. My morning hot flashes combined with the warm stores in mall had my head throbbing. I had already started the day with a sinus headache (like usual) Actually it has been a very mild winter here and has been in the 50s and low 60's so the trees and plants all think it is spring. So my allergies are in full bloom. So anyway we get in the checkout line and of course we always pick the one that there is a problem. So the first problem for the person a head of us was the cashier had forgot to get his cash drawer so he had to call for assistance. My patience was really being tested at this point because this store was very hot too. So it was our turn to checkout and I get ready to pay with my debit card and the debit terminal says "closed" the cashier calls for assistance and it still doesn't work. He is fiddling around with it and it still is not working. Okay at this point I am about to yell " CAN SOMEONE TURN THE HEAT OFF IN HERE" but of course I don't I stand there and patiently say "Do you want me to just write a check?" He says yes can you do that? Then he asks for my ID. What I thought he was asking me was for my PIN number for my debit card and so I asked him "What is an ID" this was a serious question until I realized what he wanted was my ID (drivers license) duh. I stated to laugh then and the lady in back of me was even laughing. Marvin and I are still chuckling about it.
The next thing we get home and do a few things and decide to take the dog for a walk. Marvin heads out the door and says "I have my keys but not my wallet. I say "great neither one of us have ID (there is that word again) on us if something happens. Now I am a person that is always prepared I carry pepper spray with us because some people do not obey the leash law. I had a sack and paper towels in case I needed to scoop poop. (which I didn't luckily need) Ok so back to the story Marvin slips on the front step with the dog in tow. He caught his balance luckily or he would have been flying headfirst right into my SUV. So I was laughing (a little). We got out on the sidewalk and I literally trip and lose my balance. We are actually right in front of out house and our neighbor was actually backing out so I can only imagine what he thought. I got my balance without falling but I almost ran back in the house to get our ID. So we actually laughed during our whole walk. We are our own entertainment.


Sister Susie said...

You had me laughing all the way through your blog! I have had a few of those moments. (Is that what they call "senior moments!") lol! I especially like your part about the "out house." I understand you meant "our house." That is what you meant, right? lol! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has these "trials" of patience! Have a bettler day tomorrow.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
That was so funny, and I can sure relate to those hot flash incidents,
I used to get brutally hot, and it is not a fun thing cause it upsets my whole system. I was so laughing when you said you felt like yelling someone turn off the heat!! Amen,
I hear you. For years I could not even wear a long sleeve shirt into a store because of that. So I would wear a jacket so I could take it off. I am finally having cold spells at times, I have to say it is bliss!! lol
Some days don't you just feel like a Lucy Desi comedy act, we sure do. It's good we can laught at ourselves and we are pretty good entertainment too!! lol
Have a great day tomorrow.
Try not to kill yourself. lol
Blessings, Nellie

Jennifer Thom said...

the first part reminds me about the Soup (Super) or Salad question that a waiter asked at a restaurant when I was a little girl. As I am always distracted now I can see how things can get mixed up. Funny Funny

Janet said...

Yes it was our house, we don't have an out house in front of the house but that error was funny too. It was just one of those days.
I had my jacket off in the store and it was still hot. I go through hot in the morning and then cold in the afternoon and evening. I hate it.
That is funny that you kids still remember the soup or salad after all these years. Just goes to show you your mom still does silly things like that.

Thanks all for having a laugh with me.
Love Janet & Mom