Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our lunch date with Bob & Sheri

Today was our lunch date with Bob and Sheri and say give or take 200 other people. Bob and Sheri are National Radio Personalities that play on one of our local radio stations. They are very funny.
This was how it went. We met at

We got there 20 minutes before we were served our salads. The place was packed and HOT.

Bob and Sheri came into the room and started answering questions

They made us laugh and keep talking while the servers brought our very tasty entree of Chicken, Rice and vegetables

Then they brought a yummy cheesecake which I totally forgot to snap a picture of.
We then went and got in a LONG line to have our pictures taken with Bob and Sheri.

We will not get this see this picture for a few weeks. I am sure I am probably not even looking at the camera because I told the Photographer that I did not want my double chin to show and then I was trying to look not so Amazon next to Bob. I told him he was short. I HATE when things just come out of my mouth like that without me even thinking. I was so rude, I apologized and told him he was handsome. Sheri whispered something to me that I cannot BLOG about. Anyway they were such good sports in that HOT room hugging all those people and letting people like me tell Bob he was short. BOB I AM SO SORRY.....That is all I can think of. I never should have worn those shoes with those 2 inch heels that make me 5'8". Okay enough.

Before we left each one of us got one of these

and ended up with this stuff

It was a great lunch with GREAT entertainment. We love you Bob & Sheri.

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