Monday, February 22, 2010

A not so funny Monday morning

This morning I had a not so funny thing happen to me until I thought about it later. I have a problem backing my SUV out of my little garage. To see pictures and another garage story click here So anyway I was backing out this morning to go to work. I started to hit the right mirror when I was backing out so I pulled back in part way with a brilliant idea. I left the vehicle running got out and squeezed myself out of the back of the garage and than I thought I could make it through the other side of the garage to to push the mirror in. My plan did not work. I could not get through the right side of the garage I tried to squeeze myself in I really did. So I went back over to the left side of the garage and squeezed myself in (I am actually holding my breath now when I write this) anyway I was able to squeeze back in. Next plan I roll down the window thinking I would just reach over and pull the mirror in WRONG AGAIN. I could not climb over the gear shift to get in the other seat. (I really knew that would not work I am not sure why I even tried) By this time I am like what I am going to do. So I decide to pull all the way back in the garage and walk around from the FRONT of the vehicle and push the mirror in. That worked. I was thinking on the way to work why do I have to make everything so hard. I mean why didn't I originally walk around the front of the rig instead of trying to squeeze my body through the garage. Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself AFTER I have done such silly things. Earlier this afternoon I realized that Marvin had actually parked that way in the garage not me. So that is how my Monday morning started.

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