Monday, February 8, 2010

Miles and Tiger

Sometimes it hurt so bad when you lose a pet. That happened about 4 years ago when we lost our 14 year old cat Miles. This cat followed Marvin everywhere and made him a cat lover. Miles watched TV with Marvin and would cry if he shut him out of the room. Miles had cancer and he stopped eating and was barely hanging on. We did everything including trying to get him to eat baby food. Soon we knew it was time to take him to the Vet. We told him goodbye and stayed in the room while he was put to sleep. Marvin actually could not stand it so he went to the car and I stayed with Miles so he wouldn't be alone. It was the hardest thing to do and I still feel like it just happened yesterday.

After we put Miles down Marvin grieved for a long while. Finally he suggested we go out to the Humane society and just look at cats. He wanted to get another black and white cat. I just sat down on the floor and let the cats come to me. It was then that Tiger (Butters) made his way over to me and crawled in my lap and went to sleep, That is all it took. We adopted him. Tiger warmed up immediately and started to favor Marvin. But, Marvin still was heartbroken and missing Miles until one day I snapped a this picture of Tiger and saved it to the desktop. Everyday when we we opened the computer we would see this picture of Tiger until one day I noticed something and ran to show Marvin. I was so excited. Tigers condo sits right in front of my tapestry hanging that reads "When God closes one door He opens Another" I think we got the answer. Tiger picked us for a very special reason

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