Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last night (Monday)

The beginning of my day did not start so good with the backing issues yesterday morning. BUT last night Marvin and I were sitting there watching TV when someone knocked on the door. The dog was barking like crazy. So Marvin looked out the window and decided he would answer the door because he said it was a couple of kids. I am holding the dog back by his collar and like I said he was ready to attack. Marvin opens the door and I see a rather tall young man swinging a club or something like that. At that point Marvin turned to me and said he may need some help. (he was thinking I may need to call 911) but I already had a plan in mind I was going to let go of the dog who would have attacked if someone was harming us (the dog actually growls at Marvin when he touches me) Anyway this kid said "we were playing Lacrosse (whatever that is) and I thought he said the cross flew over your back fence." Marvin told him he would go out back and throw it back over the fence. It was actually the glove part to the lacrosse racket(whatever that is)
Actually when I talked to our daughter Holly later in the evening she thinks that both her parents are a little crazy. She asked why Dad opened answered the door. She told me that she was worrying about us. That was so thoughtful of her but we are both just fine.


Sister Susie said...

I'm so thankful that your dog was making so much noise. You never know when someone may be "casing" your house. My three dogs are the same. One has such a deep vocal bark no one will come into the yard if she is out. I have a lab mix and a pitbull/chow mix. the last has the deep voice. She is sweet when she sees my positive reaction to those approaching. Otherwise, she goes into a leaning forward stance, tail up, hair on her back raised, and head down in a stare that lets them no not to come in the yard. My dogs are always in my house unless I am out with them. I'm so glad your dog is a good protector over you.
Hugs for your dog,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
So glad you didn't decide to turn the dog loose!! lol
That could have been fun! Isn't it funny what you hear when you only get bits and pieces of a conversation. How funny!!
Better go get that cross out of your back yard, wonder why he threw that over there anyway!! lol
Too Funny!
So glad you enjoy my Heart Tips Tuesday post. That was another one of the Lords ideas.You have a great evening with Marvin, and don't sic your dog on anyone!! lol
Blessings, Nellie