Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Every week day I ride the Elevator up three floors at work. There are 2 elevators. Anyway why do I ride up in the elevator rather than choosing the 40 steps up? let me see. It is because carry this

and this

and then let not forgot I stop at the door every morning and pick up the newspapers.
But back to elevators it is not that I am claustrophobic (well maybe a little), and it is not that I think that our elevators are going to fall three stories and I am going to get hurt. The reason is that darn elevator has a mind of it own. It may smell hot one day (but that does not stop me from riding it) It may do a little bumpy bump on the way up but that still does not stop me. Once it even stopped in between floors and I thought I am okay (there is a phone in elevator) but no phone book LOL.
Actually my co worker Andrea and were taking a large load of banker boxes filled with files in the elevator a couple of years ago with the hand truck. She steered the hand truck into the small elevator. Now this is out of the norm for our office jobs because normally we do our work on the computers. Well anyway it was Andrea, me and the hand truck in the elevator. We had to squeeze in. Then the elevator phone rang. We were laughing so hard because neither of us were even close to the phone. I think I was able to squeeze by and I answered it and it was the wrong number. BUT every morning when I get to work and ride up (usually by myself) these elevators stories pop into my head.


Sister Susie said...

One of my experiences on an elevator was when I was with my church group on a trip to Israel. A friend and I forgot and took the wrong elevator on the Jewish sabbath. We were on the seventh floor. We didn't know, but the elevator was going up (to the 15th floor.) On the sabbath, their elevators stop on each floor due to them not being able to "work" on the sabbath by pushing the buttons. It dawned on us about 8 floors later to get out and switch elevators, duh! Ha!

Jennifer Thom said...

I don't like to ride elevators, especially with Matt. He thinks it is so funny to wait until it is just barely moving and jump and let out a big ahhhh. So, not funny. Makes me want to take the stairs unless I have the stroller with me.