Saturday, February 13, 2010

Build a Bear with Morgan

Marvin and I tagged along this morning to Build A Bear to see our granddaughters Morgan and Kayla get a special treat from Mommy and Daddy. Morgan went first. She picked out a teddy bear.

She was so excited and helped and watched the lady fill her bear

She even got to put a heart in her pocket

She picked out an outfit and and dressed her boy bear.

Then it was time to name the bear and get his birth certificate

Then we were done

She actually was being held by daddy so Mommy could finish on the computer because she wanted to do it herself and told her mom not to touch the computer. She was really fighting her. She named her bear "Sam"
Morgan was really getting tired and looked at me and said "this is my Jeremy" at this point I thought she meant her dad (my son) because that is his name. I just let the thought go.

we were sitting in the mall eating lunch and we hear her ask her bear "Jeremy are you okay?" Her mom Sara and I were laughing so hard. We think that she has named her bear Jeremy.

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Nellie's Cozy place said...

How cute!! her dad should be honored. Hey, we can change our mind any time we want to, after all she is a girl!! Why should we be surprised.. right!!
Cute lil bear, and she is a cute lil girl, they both are adorable.
Enjoy them hon,