Saturday, February 13, 2010

Build a Bear with Kayla

It was Kayla's turn at Build a Bear. She knew exactly what she wanted. An "ICarly Bear."

She helped the lady fill the bear

She scrubbed her bear

She picked out a purple dress right away and then I (Nana) helped her dress her bear.

She sat down at the computer and with help from her dad she filled out the birth certificate. She name her bear "Carly"

BUT what melted my heart the most is when she wanted to sit with Marvin (Papa) and I and eat lunch. She just looked over and said "I Love you Nana" Those are the moments I live for.

1 comment:

Nellie's Cozy place said...

How sweet and precious!! Must melt your heart. I bet you are a great
Nana too!
I have never heard of build a bear,
that is so neat, what kid wouldn't
love that! I think I'd like it,
I wanta go..........Nana Janet,
Take me, take me!! lol
Happy Valentine's Day,