Monday, February 8, 2010

The almost finished remodel

I had to use my hammer and I had to grab my nails (I couldn't find the nail that I pulled from the wall until I noticed it was in the hammer.....)

to put up this

Then I put up the shower curtains (with some help)and put the rug down

I think I like it. I am not quite sure about the shower curtain but I think I like it ALOT.

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Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Janet,
Happy you stopped by yesterday.
Yea, wallpaper stripping is a bummer, but I think because we primed before we put it up the last time it made a huge difference, or
else it is just they have made that strippable wallpaper better. But it has been up almost 12 years.
We are going to paint it what I call
a Robins egg blue, with white trim.
Oh, and a "Chocolate Elvis" is our special treat. It is a type of smoothie from "Planet Smoothie"
with banana, chocolate, peanut butter and frozen yogurt. They taste pretty much like a milkshake but without all the fat. We ususally get their biggest one and split it most Sundays, It is like $2.50 less if you get the largest
rather than 2 that equal the same size. They are delightful, but cold!!
Your bathroom is coming out nicely. Bet you are enjoying it everytime you go in there! I am laughing cause I think you are like me, you said I think I like it !! lol
I am so funny like that, I will be
so excited about the new thing, but I sorta miss the way the old thing worked or looked and I'm not
quite sure right at first, I sorta do, but no sure. lol
Then usually about a week in I am loving it!!
I bet you are beside yourself with Joy that your grandchildren are coming this weekend. Now how old are they?? and are they girls, boys, or one of each?
So the one that just visited lives in New York. How far away is that from where you live, can't remember if you said on your profile what state you live in.
Do you get to see her fairly often?? Hope so, cause that would have to be hard.
Yea, hope you can find the movie,
think you will really like it.
Well, gotta run get a cup of coffee, I am chilly! as I sit here in my red flannel jamies!! lol
Have a great day hon,
Blessings, Nellie
Oh yea, sorry about your kitty miles. We know how that feels, we had to do the same with out beloved pet Rookie, a lil schnauzer we had for almost 14yrs.
We stayed with him as they put him down, cause I couldn't stand the thought of him being by himself and maybe afraid, but he was in so
much pain, cause he had cancer too. It has been about 6 yrs. now,
and it still makes me mist up when I think about him. We never replaced him, and I am glad cause we have had both the grandaughter dogs live with us for a short while in the past 6 yrs., but we also get to visit with them and babysit for them, so we really don't need another dog. However,
we do have a cat which we never intended to have as a pet but we thought someone dropped her off, and she seemed to be getting skinner and skinner so I started feeding her!! (we are both allergic to cats) I thought well it would be okay if she is outside, but you know how that is,
especially when winter comes and it is cold outside or rainy anytime, you let them in, so oh well........we love her, she really is a sweet cat. It is amazing how attached to them you get, but they are just like part of the family.
Well, writing a novel here and need to get going, gotta run out
and do some errands.
Still have one more valentine to make, and then I can print them all. Hope you can get the movie!

Blessings hon,