Friday, January 29, 2010


Wow so much has happened today. First off let me say for the day 3 Love Dare, I bought my spouse something big....A DISHWASHER...this was not a planned purchase. Last night Marvin noticed that water was standing in the bottom of our 15 year old dishwasher. Today after he got off work he checked it out more thoroughly and found out the pump was gone so instead of the $100.00 service call without parts and labor we decided to replace it, after all we did get our money out of our old one. So after work today we headed out to shop for the best deal. We went to 3 places and ended up with the best deal at Oldfields. Now mind you I had to use patience, kindness and unselfishness. As we speak they (my son in law Ricky and Marvin) are installing it which is kind of scary.
Ricky is finishing up on the bathroom, Holly is painting the guest bedroom and Marvin is installing the dishwasher (with some pointers from Ricky). I had to make up the huskerlaker room hide a bed for Holly and Ricky to sleep in. So stayed tuned
tomorrow for all the updates.

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