Saturday, January 16, 2010

some progress made

Tiles have been cut, the walls have been primed so we are making some progress. Don't you like how I say we. I can't wait to get some color on the walls. What I can say is that Holly, Ricky and Marvin having been working really hard today. We have had some funnies happen which caused us to pause and laugh. I mean really you should us saw us try to get everything in the SUV from Jerry's. We had to fold the seats down so that meant Holly and Ricky had to umm sit and lay down in the back. Poor Holly was on her tummy under the Hardy boards. I kept asking her if she could breathe and she said yes. I did not like that they were not seat belts but we live close by. Anyway Marvin was driving so he broke the law. Not me or no not me. This is probably the last post tonight since they have to stop so they can go to Dinner with Ricky's mom but they said after they get home tonight after a few drinks they will grout the tile. So I will start back up tomorrow.

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