Saturday, January 23, 2010

A new car perhaps or not

It is about time for Marvin to replace his car. He likes 2 door little sporty cars while I prefer bigger rigs like my SUV. I just like the room and I don't feel so compacted. When Marvin and I met 33 years ago he had a 1975 Camaro and before that he had a 1968 Camaro. So he has CAMARO on the brain. Now I personally think they are ghetto cars. That is not a good word but I don't know how else to describe it. It has small tinted windows and sits really low to the ground. So today (our date day) he tells me we are going to just go LOOK at cars. I really HATE to look at cars. In fact he usually brings home what he likes and then I go for a ride and he goes back and makes all the banking arrangements and deals and then I go sign. So today we went first to look at the KIA Forte Koup (that is really how it is spelled I think it is Japanese) anyway I really liked the look of the car and sat in it EXCEPT I did not like the instrument panel (I think that what you call it). We looked at a red one but he wants a black one or maybe silver. On to the next stop (which I thought was to Costco) but it was to see the Camaro (which is ghetto) oh I said that once. Anyway when I sat down in it I hit my ear like I often do in Marvins current vehicle (Alero). So now he has my input. Stay tuned the next few months take or give and we will see what he picks. Oh and the Camaro color he wants is blue.

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Sister Susie said...

Whoopee! Get that Camero! I know you will have great fun with it. Before I got my Nissan Truck, I had the new style Maxima. It had the power shift. I tried it out on the interstate and it went from 0 to 85 in a quarter mile (I had even backed off the pedal at that point!) It wasn't too long after that, that I thought I'd had better get rid of it before I got into trouble! (It's the little ole lady from Florida!) Go granny go, lol!