Sunday, January 31, 2010

A job well done

I have to tell you that are daughter and her husband Ricky are such hard workers and gave us the best gift with a bathroom remodel and a paint job in the guest bedroom. The did an excellent job. We are not completely finished yet but the guest bedroom turned out great. I need to update the bedspread but that will come later.

Now for the bathroom. I decided I did not like the cream color so they had to repaint white on the medicine chest, moldings and vanity so this in not done yet. BUT the floor and vanity top, new lighting fixture and the Chutney paint are beautiful and I love it. I am posting a few pictures but I will post more as we complete.


NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I love all the colors and what a gift of love. Amazing how a little color can warm up a space and give it a new updated look.
Hugs, Noreen

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Janet,
Your bedroom looks like it came out very nicely, and the bathroom is looking great. I know you must be very excited. We still are thrilled everytime we use ours, cause we put so much time and energy in there!
That was a lovely gift to help you like that! Tell them I said cudos,
what a nice thing to do.
Blessings, Nellie

Sister Susie said...

How beautiful! I noticed how bright your bathroom is. The flooring is really nice. I like the larger tiles. It seems to make the area look more spacious. Your bedroom looks really cozy!