Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fireproof & The Love Dare

I am not exactly sure how this happened. I knew that the Movie Fireproof was recommended through our Church but we never took the time to go to the viewing or rent the movie.

While I was Christmas Shopping one day on my lunch break I headed over to the Christian Book Store in the Mall. I wasn't sure what I was looking for but I was drawn to the book "The Love Dare" I still did not even realize the relation of the book and the movie even though on the cover of the book it said "from the hit movie fireproof" I just thought the title was good and I wrapped it and put it under to tree to Marvin and I from Jesus. Marvin and I decided that we would start on the book the day after Christmas. I think we got to chapter 4 (out of 40) and stopped because we were having problems staying on the task (I am sure it was Satan) Anyway after being married for 30 years we both realized that we needed something, I am speaking for myself and I know sometimes that I say and do the wrong thing and it just makes things worse in my married life.

After looking at this book every morning sitting on the kitchen counter and talking to some friends at work they encouraged me to watch the Movie first because the book and movie are related. So I ordered the movie and tonight Marvin and I watched it for our DATE day. Oh my goodness, I do know that the Holy Spirit is at work in our relationship I just needed to open my eyes. So tomorrow in the morning we will be starting the book again. Chapter one is Love is Patient. I will update on our progress.

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