Saturday, January 9, 2010

Birthday continues

For my birthday Holly and Ricky rented a condo at the Running Ranch just past Klamath Falls. And since Jeremy, Sara and the girls live close by it was a perfect location to celebrate my birthday. We actually got an early start on Wednesday the 30th to make it over the pass before the winter storm hit. My anxiety level was on HIGH alert. Before we left I had time to call my mom and my sister Joyce to cry on their shoulders about how scared I was going over the pass. Holly and Marvin decided it was best that I sit in the back seat. I led in prayer as we started out and Holly set up her DVD player so I could watch a movie. I was doing fine until we hit Oakridge and we started to climb higher and higher and higher and I saw a lot of snow. It was slick. With my expert driver Marvin we made it over the pass and just hit a few icy spots and some fog. Since we went a day early we stayed at Jeremy and Sara's. They had pizza waiting and a warm place to sleep for us. Kayla read to us and then Kayla and Morgan sang us songs.

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