Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Challenge

About a month ago our Church was looking for volunteers to walk for the Relay of Life. They had a hard time filling the time slot 3am to 4am. After consulting with Marvin we decided to sign up. My challenge was not being in shape and as you all know I like to go to bed early so getting up at 2 was going to be hard. I went to bed around 8 and tossed and turned until it was time to get up. Our first challenge was driving in the dark or should I say Marvin driving in the dark. We got to LCC and we didn't know how to get to the track but a security guard pointed us in the right direction. We then had a hard time trying to find Northwood's tent in the dark as none of the tents we marked. We checked in and then started walking with the other 200 or so people. On the 3rd lap or so I really got thirsty so we stopped off where they had ice water bottles although Marvin informed me that I had to carry my own bottle along with camera hanging around my neck. On about the 6th lap Marvin insisted that I sit a lap out so I did. We finished about 10 or so laps at 4:05 am. I came home and crashed and Marvin went to work for 8 hours.
The Real challenge was not the getting up early, driving in the dark or walking. The challenge was to raise money and awareness to help find a cure for cancer that has claimed the lives of family and friends. The luminaries were still burning while we were walking. It was a beautiful sight.

This morning in Church Pastor Barry asked us if God was awake at 3 am and I told him yes. The reason that I know this is because he helped carry me those last few laps.

Next year you can count us in again. (I think we will take the same time slot)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pickle eaters

Okay I have to admit I love pickles and olives. I always have. Jeremy, Kayla and Morgan are also pickle eaters. We have been buying the huge jar of pickles from Winco.

Successful Garage sale

I have not had a garage sale for years but Holly and I thought we would try it. Of course Marvin had to work but we handled it. It was hot about 85 so we were sweating the garage. We had a few people that bargained with us but overall it was a good garage sale. We really wish more people would have came. I guess I should have also advertised on craigslist. After the sale we loaded up everything and donated it to Goodwill. PHEW....I am glad to be done with it all. Holly worked her rear off so mom would not have to do so much.

Marvin and Holly found our old skates and Jeremy swore they were his. He tried them on and with my ski poles took off down the sidewalk. It was so funny. (Look at his daughters standing there trying to figure out what he was doing)

Kayla and Morgan

Kayla and Morgan spend some time at Nana and Papas this last weekend. It was a busy weekend with the garage sale but we were able to at least get one book read. Aunt Holly was a huge help with the girls. We really enjoyed the squirrels on Sunday morning. They were running around chasing each other.

Pumpkins are really there

I am so excited that I can actually see the little pumpkins growing. My granddaughter Kayla was kindly pointing them out to me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Squirrel watching

Marvin and I really do like to watch the squirrel's from our backyard. We have 3 feeders out and love to watch the little guys play, fight and eat. They seem pretty friendly and let me get close enough to snap a few pictures although I thought one of them was going to pounce on me.

Pumpkins are growing

I am so excited that our pumpkins plants are blooming thanks to Marvin the gardener. ( I don't like to get my hand dirty). Anyhow it is exciting because I love Autumn and I can't wait for it.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Memories

It has been a quiet day here for us without any family around this Holiday. I have had a lot of time to think about all the years past on the 4th. When I was little we spent the day at the park with a huge family picnic. There was a carnival, baseball games, the swimming pool and the fireworks at night. After I got married we continued the all day event at Steinhart Park in Nebraska and sometimes we stayed home and watched the fireworks in Auburn over the Lake. Once we moved to Oregon we spent time at the Ems games and Island Park for the firework displays.

Now I want to take you back to a memory a long time ago July 4th 1980. At that time I I had a new baby Jennifer (2 months), Marvin, me and Jennifer had went to Nebraska City for the celebration. In the evening the men, Marvin and Scott decided to stay home with the babies (my nephew Adam was about 7 months old) he was the youngest of my sister Joyce's two kids. Anyway Joyce and I with the rest of family went to watch the fireworks. Her other son Brandon (age 2) was really scared and crying when the show started so we went back to my moms house. It was a good thing because not long after we got home the tornado whistle blew. Since I was terrified of storms I can remember going to the basement. We had bad thunder storms, hail and heavy rain. In fact my grandparents car got stuck. Luckily everyone got home safe.

Favorite memories include the smell of cotton candy, my mom friend chicken and potato salad and lots of family.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Fun in K Falls

Last weekend we made the 3 hour trip down south with Max. The family was waiting in the driveway when we pulled in. It was hot. I didn't realize it was at the elevation of 4000 ft. We had a good visit and I had a few tears when we left.