Saturday, June 20, 2009

A new Journey

So what is like without the family in town? Well lets just say that I need to find a new hobby and it is not Bejeweled on face book. Even though I talk to the kids often it is not the same. So what can I do with all my extra time? Scrap booking comes to mind. I have a zillion pictures that I need to get organized... Oh and then there is reorganization of Max’s room (the dog). Beside the dog it houses the desktop computer with a huge corner desk, two huge bookshelves, the toy box, and anything else that needs to be put somewhere. I am really giving myself great ideas as I journal. I need my Holly to come and help me though. A garage sale is a must this year. So what about exercise yes that is important and I will get this weight off. My book, I have prayed about this and I need to get back on track and send it in. I actually have enough written but need to do some fine tuning before I submit it. That is a lot of work. I have plenty to keep me busy and I need to stay focused.

Marvin and I did enjoy a nice lunch at King Estate Winery to celebrate our 30th anniversary. The food was yummy but the day was warm so we sat inside. We had a beautiful view and the wine was good. I really wanted the Muscat but they were out so I settled for the Gewurztraminer. We had yummy desserts, strawberry and shortcake and Marvin had the bacon ice cream. He said it was okay. It actually had bacon bits in it.

30 years of blessings that of course includes Jennifer Jeremy and Holly. And then Matt, Emma, Logan, Sara, Kayla, Morgan and Ricky. We have been fortunate that our kids never got in any trouble (any that we knew about anyway) we really do have a lovely family.