Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This year for Thanksgiving we had a BIG change. We did not have it at our house but instead we drove to Vancouver Washington to have it with our daughter Holly and her husband Ricky, Ricky's mom Cindy, his brother Brad and sister in law Ronica. So lets rewind to Wednesday.

Wednesday morning-I wake up with a bad headache which I am sure is sinus related. I get to work (yes, I had to work) and I am anxious to start the day but, as I get logged into my computer I get an email from Corporate that we were having computer issues and slowness of our computers. (go figure). I reboot and I begin to run my reports. The first one I have to run 3 times before I get it right. Hum time for some coffee. I then have to go down the hallway to use the ladies room. I didn't even think to look to see if our Office Suite door was unlocked. I soon found out it was LOCKED. I knocked but everyone was in meetings (this was about8:15) It went like this, bang bang then I stopped and wait then it is bang bang bang (a naughty word slips out silently) and then it is BANG,BANG,BANG and you guessed it I dropped the f bomb (out loud). So it was stomp stomp stomp down to the elevator and then to the property managers office to have them come up and let me in. FINALLY...I was happy to be back in my office. I needed more coffee-and made some decaf and back to work. I stumble through the rest of my reports but my stomach tells me at 11 to stop and eat so I heated up some yummy tortilla soup. I eat at my desk and take a phone call and then continue to work. Soon after the Noon hour my boss comes in and tells me Happy Thanksgiving and to call it a day. I get home get packed and we hit the road. It is shortly after 1. It took us 4 HOURS instead of 2 to get to Vancouver. I only had to YELL I mean suggest to Marvin a few times to SLOW down. Once we started to go again Marvin hit the petal from zero to sixty only to come to a screeching HALT because traffic was moving slow again. We got there safely and Holly and Ricky had dinner started a yummy Stoup dish. We visit and the I head to bed with visions of Turkey in my head. I plan to get up around 6 to help Ricky get the Turkey ready.

Thanksgiving morning
I am up at 6 (actually once I had my glasses on it was 5) I was up for the day. Ricky soon (about a hour and half later joins me). Ricky prepares the turkey, I make the stuffing and Ricky stuffs the bird. While I play a couples of games or twenty six games of Bejewled ,Ricky makes a great Apple Pie breakfast (yummy). Ricky and Holly with some help and guidance from me prepare the rest of the dishes (okay maybe Ricky really did all the work) We had a great potato dish, green beans and bacon, pistachio salad, broccoli salad, pickle tray, sweet potatoes, along with the yummy turkey and dressing. Oh I forgot to tell you about the wine. Yep we had some wine. (yes me)
All joking aside I had a wonderful day and I am so blessed for my family. Jeremy and his family celebrated at home in K Falls since Jeremy had to be to work at 3 on Black Friday. Jennifer and her kids celebrated with some other army wives and their families. So all in all we did what we were supposed to we had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING with our loved ones in person and in our hearts. Since Matt is still in Afghanistan I hope he was able to have turkey. Hope everyone had a day of family and thankfulness.

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