Thursday, November 12, 2009

Still from Nebraska-My brother Danny and his Scott and family

My brother Danny and his fiancee Sue were able to come and visit with is a few times during our brief stay in Nebraska. We chit chatted about our jobs and life stuff in general. We ate lots of food (thanks mom & dad) and we just were able to relax and be together as a family. It was wonderful to get to spend time with the family. In between the first time and the last time we saw Danny and Sue they had time for a small vacation get away so we talked about their trip and the rent a car. Thanks for the time you made for us Danny and Sue. We love you!

We also enjoyed seeing Danny's son Scotty, his wife Deanna and their son Tavin. We had so much fun at the lake. Scotty is a great dad and a great person overall. He took care of his Aunt Janet. Tavin entertained us. Thank you for coming to see us Scott, Deanna and Tavin. We love you!

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