Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Warm welcome and a crappy goodbye

Ringo is Marvin's nephew Scott's dog pictured. Upon arriving in Shawnee to visit with Mavin's sister and her family we noticed that Kay was outside in the front yard with Ringo while Ringo was piddling. Kay warned us that Ringo sometimes will piddle on you so she was letting him relieve himself so this would not happen right. WRONG,,,,,I sat down and immediately Ringo jumped up and gave me a warm welcome. I freaked out with pee on my jeans and had to go change. I made sure Ringo stayed away from me for the rest of the visit. Ringo evidently thought that he would get me back and leave his poo so I would step in it when I got in my SUV. I swear that dog had a way of telling me good bye. A warm welcome and a crappy goodbye was what I got from Ringo. LOL

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