Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nebraska (that is where we are from)

Driving back to Nebraska (whose idea was it anyway?) that would be mine. I priced everything out and it just seemed more economical to drive, that was before we decided to leave a night early. It took us about 26 hours driving time to get there, that was with 2 nights in hotels in Caldwell Idaho and Sidney Nebraska. We arrived in Talmage around 3pm cst on Sunday and had a warm welcome of family members waiting, My sister Joyce and her husband Scott, my brother David his wife Sherry and their kids Katelyn, Allison and Kesten. and of course there was mom and dad. Everyone looked great and I could not believe my 12 year old niece Katelyn and how she had grown. My sister Joyce had lost 50 pounds and also looked great. So we sat and chatted for a while until the 2 wasps entered the living room. My brother David decided to kill them or try to kill them . They flew up in the skylight but that did not stop David. We were screaming/laughing so hard. Welcome home. We were so exhausted. Mom made Marvin's favorite Goulash for Supper. Danny and his fiancee Sue arrived later that night to make quite a house full. Soon it was time for everyone to leave, Mom and I stayed up until midnight and talked. I was so happy to be there.

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