Friday, September 18, 2009

The Lake

The Cabin-we were heading to the lake for the day. I don’t think we had been there for about 4 years since I slipped on the dock and sprained my ankle. Last year the cabin was once again flooded so mom and dad had redecorated the inside (hot pink kitchen) love it…. Anyway we mostly sat outside on the deck. There were 17 of us total. Some played cards, some played trucks, some fished and some just sat outside and relaxed. For lunch Dad grilled out some burgers and dogs. Mom fixed my favorite potato salad and there were baked beans and all the fixins for a summer day. Joyce made rice krispies treats that were yummy. We grazed all day. Then everyone was waiting to get on the pontoon. David, Scotty and Dad all got it out and Deanna started cleaning and then the unthinkable happened they couldn't’t get it started. No problem…..someone had jumper cables…..around the corner here comes Scotty in Deanna's car…….It worked…….The first group went out (all of the kids) while some of us stayed back to enjoy the silence (I mean the beautiful lake) They gave us about an hour to enjoy the silence (oops I mean the beautiful lake) and then they were getting ready for round 2. This time Scotty decided to take Tavin rafting. I opted out and decided I would help clean up. When they got back we decided to have smores and campfire pies. The lady next door brought over some deep fried carp and the other neighbor brought over some grilled zucchini. Literally we think they all thought we were starving. The fish was yummy and it was a perfect day to enjoy at the lake.

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