Saturday, September 12, 2009

Getting Ready to go to Nebraska

So much to do to drive half way across the country to visit family and friends in Nebraska. I had a countdown calendar, list of things to do, and a spreadsheet of what we were doing each day. We were so excited.

We left on Friday August 28th. We had to pack the SUV for 2 weeks worth of stuff, my scanner, the ice chest , 2 cats,1 dog and all the stuff that we had to transport to Hollys for the pets to stay for 2 weeks. We started by putting the big cat condo in the back. We soon figured out that it would not work so we (Marvin) shoved everything in but then we could not get the dog carrier in. So you guessed it Max had to sit in the front with me. Baby Kitty cried the whole way. This picture actually looks like we are going to the goodwill.

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