Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Durhams (Marvins sister Kay)

We had a wonderful overnight visit with the Durham family. Let me see there were 2 dogs, a toddler, and 9 adults. Kay and Mike have 3 kids. Gaylene, Bryan (now married to Chrissy with child Colby) and Scott. Their whole family was there so made for a good visit. We were entertained by Colby. He is so cute. Auntie Gaylene scooped him immediately. Marvin and the boys (Bryan and Scott) got caught up in conversations on poker and sports. We had a good supper with more potato salad (can you tell it is my favorite) and a yummy cream cheese spread baked in bread (thanks Gaylene) and a number of other food items. Lorene baked two pies so we really stuffed ourselves. Scott gave up his bed for us and he slept on the couch. Thanks Scott.

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