Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Cowans (Marvins brother Ed)

We had a great Saturday visit with Marvin’s brother Ed his wife Sue and their son Joshua, his wife Misty and their daughter Ella. It took Ella (almost 4) a few minutes to warm up to me and then she wanted to chat with me and she even crawled on my lap. Her Grandma Sue insisted that we stay for supper. We were having corn on the cob. I told Sue that I love corn but I have to cut mine off the cob because I have a chipped tooth and I was worried about my tooth breaking. So the discussion begins with Ella and I. She wanted to know all about my chipped tooth. She wanted to see it, she wanted to know why it was chipped and I literally was interrogated about my chipped tooth. Ella went off to play while I visited with her mom Misty. When Misty went to check on her she was where else “at the tooth doctor” of course getting her chipped tooth fixed. That was so darn cute.
We sat and discussed baby girl names for Ella's little sister due in November. We suggested all kinds of names (I have a list for Holly when she is ready) Not sure at this point but we think they liked a few names we picked out.
Soon we all went into and to eat supper. Ella said the most precious prayer for us and then the corn (her corn) had to be cut off the cob. It was too funny….. We had a great time in Auburn (although we don’t miss the small town

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