Saturday, September 26, 2009

More posts to come

I am still in the process of posting more from our trip from Nebraska so stay tuned. (Well only if you want to)

The Cowans (Marvins brother Ed)

We had a great Saturday visit with Marvin’s brother Ed his wife Sue and their son Joshua, his wife Misty and their daughter Ella. It took Ella (almost 4) a few minutes to warm up to me and then she wanted to chat with me and she even crawled on my lap. Her Grandma Sue insisted that we stay for supper. We were having corn on the cob. I told Sue that I love corn but I have to cut mine off the cob because I have a chipped tooth and I was worried about my tooth breaking. So the discussion begins with Ella and I. She wanted to know all about my chipped tooth. She wanted to see it, she wanted to know why it was chipped and I literally was interrogated about my chipped tooth. Ella went off to play while I visited with her mom Misty. When Misty went to check on her she was where else “at the tooth doctor” of course getting her chipped tooth fixed. That was so darn cute.
We sat and discussed baby girl names for Ella's little sister due in November. We suggested all kinds of names (I have a list for Holly when she is ready) Not sure at this point but we think they liked a few names we picked out.
Soon we all went into and to eat supper. Ella said the most precious prayer for us and then the corn (her corn) had to be cut off the cob. It was too funny….. We had a great time in Auburn (although we don’t miss the small town

More Cowan photos

A Warm welcome and a crappy goodbye

Ringo is Marvin's nephew Scott's dog pictured. Upon arriving in Shawnee to visit with Mavin's sister and her family we noticed that Kay was outside in the front yard with Ringo while Ringo was piddling. Kay warned us that Ringo sometimes will piddle on you so she was letting him relieve himself so this would not happen right. WRONG,,,,,I sat down and immediately Ringo jumped up and gave me a warm welcome. I freaked out with pee on my jeans and had to go change. I made sure Ringo stayed away from me for the rest of the visit. Ringo evidently thought that he would get me back and leave his poo so I would step in it when I got in my SUV. I swear that dog had a way of telling me good bye. A warm welcome and a crappy goodbye was what I got from Ringo. LOL

The Durhams (Marvins sister Kay)

We had a wonderful overnight visit with the Durham family. Let me see there were 2 dogs, a toddler, and 9 adults. Kay and Mike have 3 kids. Gaylene, Bryan (now married to Chrissy with child Colby) and Scott. Their whole family was there so made for a good visit. We were entertained by Colby. He is so cute. Auntie Gaylene scooped him immediately. Marvin and the boys (Bryan and Scott) got caught up in conversations on poker and sports. We had a good supper with more potato salad (can you tell it is my favorite) and a yummy cream cheese spread baked in bread (thanks Gaylene) and a number of other food items. Lorene baked two pies so we really stuffed ourselves. Scott gave up his bed for us and he slept on the couch. Thanks Scott.

More Durham photos

and more Durham photos

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lorene & Larry (Marvin's sister)

We arrived at Larry’s and Lorene’s on a Friday just in time for lunch. Lorene made a yummy potato salad. We had a very good lunch. Lorene and I visted while Larry took Marvin for a ride in the Trans AM. I am glad I stayed back after the report that Larry got the car up to 120 (GULP) . We soon were off to Shawnee to visit the other sister (Kay)
I didn’t realize how beautiful the sunflower fields were. I really wish I would have got a better picture so I could have posted one. Anyway we made our way to Shawnee with the help of Lorenes GPS.

Friday, September 18, 2009

How to make a campfire pie.

My nephew Scott insisted on making his Aunt Janet (that’s me) a campfire pie. I had not had one for probably 36 or 37 years (I was one) anyhow this is how you do it.
You need the pie iron of course, butter 2 pieces of white bread and put one piece butter side down to the outside of the pie holder on each side, fill with your favorite pie filling (I chose apple) you then shut the pie holder and remove the remaining crust from the outside. Normally you put it directly in the campfire but if your fire is to hot you need to watch it. It only takes a few minutes on each side.

Then you open it and here it is a yummy apple pie……What a way to end the day……..

The Lake

The Cabin-we were heading to the lake for the day. I don’t think we had been there for about 4 years since I slipped on the dock and sprained my ankle. Last year the cabin was once again flooded so mom and dad had redecorated the inside (hot pink kitchen) love it…. Anyway we mostly sat outside on the deck. There were 17 of us total. Some played cards, some played trucks, some fished and some just sat outside and relaxed. For lunch Dad grilled out some burgers and dogs. Mom fixed my favorite potato salad and there were baked beans and all the fixins for a summer day. Joyce made rice krispies treats that were yummy. We grazed all day. Then everyone was waiting to get on the pontoon. David, Scotty and Dad all got it out and Deanna started cleaning and then the unthinkable happened they couldn't’t get it started. No problem…..someone had jumper cables…..around the corner here comes Scotty in Deanna's car…….It worked…….The first group went out (all of the kids) while some of us stayed back to enjoy the silence (I mean the beautiful lake) They gave us about an hour to enjoy the silence (oops I mean the beautiful lake) and then they were getting ready for round 2. This time Scotty decided to take Tavin rafting. I opted out and decided I would help clean up. When they got back we decided to have smores and campfire pies. The lady next door brought over some deep fried carp and the other neighbor brought over some grilled zucchini. Literally we think they all thought we were starving. The fish was yummy and it was a perfect day to enjoy at the lake.

Eating Catfish

On the way to visit Marvins sister in Kansas I was telling his other sister Lorene how much I miss eating catfish. I mean really good catfish from the Midwest. . Lorene told us about a place called Pappy’s in St. Joe Missouri. By chance we would be going through St. Joe on our way home from Marvins sister Kays house. WOW I can say that Pappys frys up a good catfish……..

All of us

Pictured below is a our family picture. In the back L to R David, Danny, Janet (me) and Joyce. One big happy family.........

My Favorites foods that my mom makes

While we were in Nebraska my mom made a couple of my favorite foods. Fried Chicken and Potato Salad. They are like no other. My nephew Brandon whois an Executive Chef says “no one can make chicken like his Grandma” Thanks Mom for making my favorite foods.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Sister and I

I was happy that I got to spend some time with my sister Joyce. We were able to do a lot of chatting. Joyce and her husband Scott have a beautiful house that we finally got to see. They also were fixing up a flip house "the cottage" which has been nicely renovated. I did not snap any pictures. I am not sure why? Oh ....I remember I had Valentinos on the brain. Yes Valentinos is a must for pizza and I think that is why.

I also had time to go see my sisters office and visit my Aunt Viola which was a real treat for me.
We also had time to go to Duffs and surprise Aunt Marie and Uncle Paul. We had a great time visiting.

I love you Joyce. Thanks for always being there.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Visiting with old friends Tuesday Day 3 in Nebraska

Talmage Nebraska is a small rural town of about 200 people. From Talmage my parents live about a mile or two out on rock roads. Marvin always drives so I really don't pay much attention. I got ready on Tuesday morning to drive into Nebraska City (about 20 miles) to see my classmates. Ihad to drive in through Talmage and I got LOST, me lost (I have a terrible sense of direction) anyway I had a small panic attack but before long I was back on track anxiously going into the City to see my and classmates. I arrived at my classmate/cousin/friends house Lori on time. My cousin Paula soon came by and then Teresa my classmate and friend shows up without our friend Deb. Deb has cancer and was too sick to come. I really wish she would have been able to make it. I would have loved to visit.
Lori made a yummy breakfast casserole and over the food and coffee we had a wonderful time. We laughed so hard. We talked about the past, present and future. It did not seem like it had been 30 years. Memories..........
Thanks Lori, Paula & Teresa.......

My Mom

So here we are my mom and me. I was so glad that I could spend some time with her. We talked and talked and talked. My mom is the most giving person that I have ever known and she always make sure that we are taken care of. Of course she had to make sure that we were well fed. The older I get the more I look like her and the more I act like her. That can only be good right?
My mom has taught me so much I don't know what I would do without her. She always is willing to listen. So this is a big Thank you and I love you to my mom.

The cats

Marvin and I both love cats. Mom and Dad have about 20 wild cats so it was our entertainment every morning to watch them being feed. Of course we were on vacation and in the country right so what was there to do but to step outside breathe in that cool Nebraska air and watch the cats eat.

Monday Day 2 in Nebraska-a day of rest or was it

Monday was to be our day of rest. That idea was short lived. Mom and I went through my baby book and a lot of old pictures so I could start scanning.
After going through some pictures we headed into Nebraska City so we could do alot sightseeing and shopping.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nebraska (that is where we are from)

Driving back to Nebraska (whose idea was it anyway?) that would be mine. I priced everything out and it just seemed more economical to drive, that was before we decided to leave a night early. It took us about 26 hours driving time to get there, that was with 2 nights in hotels in Caldwell Idaho and Sidney Nebraska. We arrived in Talmage around 3pm cst on Sunday and had a warm welcome of family members waiting, My sister Joyce and her husband Scott, my brother David his wife Sherry and their kids Katelyn, Allison and Kesten. and of course there was mom and dad. Everyone looked great and I could not believe my 12 year old niece Katelyn and how she had grown. My sister Joyce had lost 50 pounds and also looked great. So we sat and chatted for a while until the 2 wasps entered the living room. My brother David decided to kill them or try to kill them . They flew up in the skylight but that did not stop David. We were screaming/laughing so hard. Welcome home. We were so exhausted. Mom made Marvin's favorite Goulash for Supper. Danny and his fiancee Sue arrived later that night to make quite a house full. Soon it was time for everyone to leave, Mom and I stayed up until midnight and talked. I was so happy to be there.

Getting Ready to go to Nebraska

So much to do to drive half way across the country to visit family and friends in Nebraska. I had a countdown calendar, list of things to do, and a spreadsheet of what we were doing each day. We were so excited.

We left on Friday August 28th. We had to pack the SUV for 2 weeks worth of stuff, my scanner, the ice chest , 2 cats,1 dog and all the stuff that we had to transport to Hollys for the pets to stay for 2 weeks. We started by putting the big cat condo in the back. We soon figured out that it would not work so we (Marvin) shoved everything in but then we could not get the dog carrier in. So you guessed it Max had to sit in the front with me. Baby Kitty cried the whole way. This picture actually looks like we are going to the goodwill.