Monday, July 20, 2009

Successful Garage sale

I have not had a garage sale for years but Holly and I thought we would try it. Of course Marvin had to work but we handled it. It was hot about 85 so we were sweating the garage. We had a few people that bargained with us but overall it was a good garage sale. We really wish more people would have came. I guess I should have also advertised on craigslist. After the sale we loaded up everything and donated it to Goodwill. PHEW....I am glad to be done with it all. Holly worked her rear off so mom would not have to do so much.

Marvin and Holly found our old skates and Jeremy swore they were his. He tried them on and with my ski poles took off down the sidewalk. It was so funny. (Look at his daughters standing there trying to figure out what he was doing)

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