Saturday, December 13, 2008

Emma and Logan

Emma and Logan are our oldest daughter Jennifer children. They live in Carthage New York. Emma is 4 and Logan is 1.

Emma's called and talked to Nana and Papa this morning and told us about all the snow and that they are making cookies today. She said that she would send Papa and I a cookie. You know how I love frosted sugar cookies. She sang me the Grandma Moses song too. It just melts my heart when I get to hear her sing. She also thinks that Marvin is my daddy. I was trying to tell her that Papa was my husband. She was getting mad at me because she thinks she is right, Hum just like her mommy and maybe a little like her Nana.

This picture shows Emma and Logan in their Christmas PJ's that I sent. I love this picture because Logan looks like he is going to hit Emma. I miss the kids so much .

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